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Social Media

Social media marketing can greatly increase both your search rankings and also massively increase your company profile. By sharing your content across social media channels you can instantly open it to thousands of new eyes who in turn can share it further.

Social media relies on high quality content and a visible, strong brand presence that requires a consistent approach. Every interested reader could well be  a blogger or journalist and have the potential to a build natural links back to your content increasing the breadth and potential of your inbound link profile.

Below we list some of the best practices to follow and our expert team can assist you with.

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Increasing your follower count

The total number of followers and in turn connections you have across your social media profiles have a significant influence on your rankings.

However, beware of companies offering you large numbers of followers for a price. Google can detect the quality of your followers and engagement is key.

Therefore you have to grow your following organically and put in place a strategy of how to achieve this.

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Local Engagement 

More than ever social media gives great opportunity to engage with the local community.

Making sure you provide updates whenever your company is involved in a local event gives a great chance to engage with other local establishments and their connections.

Ensure you research your local community and their social media profiles then begin engaging and sharing each other’s posts will increase awareness to your local residents.

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Social Sharing

Social sharing is a critical contribution to increasing your online authority in a similar manner to sharing website links.

Likes, shares, replies, retweets and favourites all count towards this and you should try and gain as many as you can.

Interactive surveys or offering rewards are just two ways to try and encourage more engagement from your connections which in turn will gain you more followers and more opportunities.

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Increasing Brand Awareness

By sharing quality content on social media and increasing you engagement will in turn lead to increase your online reputation.

This will result in an increased number of branded searches on google. The higher the number of google searches the higher you are likely to rank for non branded keywords.

You need a clear strategy in place to ensure that you provide the content that your audience is after and are consistent in your engagement with your connections.